Fourth Grade Teachers

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Amy Varga is a fourth-grade teacher at Battle Creek Elementary.  She is a highly-enthusiastic and dedicated teacher who loves working with children of all ages and abilities.  She is highly qualified in all subject areas.Amy has taught middle school for 13 years 5th through 8th grade English and Social Studies.   For the past seven years, Amy has been employed at Spring Hill Middle School.  While being there, she initiated and managed the Green Team.  She also was a manager of the Builder’s Club for several years.  She embraces student leadership, creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, and technology.


She was also employed at Oliver Middle School in Brentwood, TN for six years where she taught fifth grade English and Social Studies.  While at Oliver Middle School, she led the Recycling Team, Women of Worth, was a member of the School Leadership Team, and was a member of the Faculty Advisory Committee. 

Amy attended Belmont University and received a Master’s in Education certification PreK-8 with 3.95 grade point average in May 2006.  She graduated Magna Cum Laude undergraduate degree Bachelor of Arts in May 2005 with a double major in Music and History with 3.88 grade point average.  She was a member of Alpha Chi, Kappa Delta Phi, and Phi Alpha Theta.

Amy is committed to her students and creates and facilitates daily and unit lesson plans providing whole-group and small group instruction based upon student data.  She builds an instructive and safe-learning environment for all students within her classroom.
Currently, Amy resides in Spring Hill, TN where she lives with her husband and two children.  She loves being active and running long distances and marathons.  She also enjoys hiking, swimming, biking, and any sport or activity outdoors.  Feel free to contact Amy Varga at


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Lauren Petrosky is a native of New Orleans, LA. She and her family relocated to Columbia in the summer of 2019. Mrs. Petrosky is a graduate of Southeastern Louisiana University with a Bachelors Degree in Elementary Education and a Masters in Special Education, with add-on certifications in the areas of Pre-K and Early Intervention. She has 11 years of teaching experience, one year as a first grade teacher, one year as a kindergarten teacher, seven years as a Special Education teacher in grades 3 and 4 (in both a pullout model and co-teaching model), and one year as a 4th grade teacher. During the times in between, she worked for a private company that provided Title 1 Services to the private and Catholic schools in New Orleans.

When Mrs. Petrosky is not in the role of teacher, she enjoys her time at home with her family. Her husband, Jeremiah, is in a leadership role with Spectrum in Central Tennessee. She has two children; Benjamin who attends Battle Creek and Meredith who is 4. Mrs. Petrosky and her family enjoy spending time outside camping, gardening, and raising honey bees. She is very creative and enjoys crafting too.


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Sarah Derryberry received her Bachelor of Arts in Special Education with dual licensure from Western Governors University. She found her love for education while working as a special education assistant in Maury County. She is currently coaching her 6th season as the head volleyball coach at Spring Hill High School. 


She currently resides in Spring Hill, Tennessee with her husband Blair and dog, Pepsi. Her favorite things to do outside of the classroom are prank her husband, watch storms roll in, and enjoy the simple things in life.


She is looking forward to an exciting year as a Battle Creek Cub!




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Laura Johnston earned her degree in Early Childhood Education from The University of Memphis in 2006 and began her teaching career with Shelby County Schools in Memphis, Tennessee. She spent her first six years in the classroom gaining professional experience with multiple elementary grade levels. Two of those years were devoted to teaching in a classroom focused on specialized education for diverse learners.  

A move to Atlanta, Georgia with her husband allowed Laura to dedicate her time to educating herself more about children with learning differences. She spent four years working in a private setting, facilitating one-on-one day school for children with cognitive and academic deficits that hindered their success in the general education setting. During Laura’s time at Academics Plus, she was able to further her own education and developed a passion for understanding the inner workings of our children’s minds. She has a unique perspective into what exactly is required of our brains to do the “task” of learning at the deepest levels and is excited to bring that knowledge and experience to her Fourth Grade classroom at Battle Creek Elementary.  

After welcoming her son in 2016, Laura made the decision to begin teaching Fifth Grade math for the Georgia Cyber Academy, an online public charter school system serving students all over the state of Georgia. The virtual education environment presents its own unique challenges because students, teachers, and families are not physically together on a day-to-day basis. Laura prides herself on a positive rapport and “team” mentality with all of her students and their families. She believes every child deserves to know that he or she has a cheering section both at home and at school.  

Laura is ecstatic to be moving home to Tennessee with her husband and two year old son. She is looking forward to meeting and developing meaningful relationships with each of our wonderful Battle Creek Elementary School families! 


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Laura Phillips- Bachelors’ Degree from Athens State University

In my 20 plus years of experience teaching elementary school I have had the opportunity to function in a variety of educational settings. These include experience teaching third through sixth grade, in both suburban and urban school districts. My teaching career began in my hometown of Lawrenceburg, Tennessee where I taught math in grades four for 4 years and grade six for 2 years. In 2004 I decided to take a challenge and accepted a job teaching in rural Alaska.

While teaching in Alaska I taught multi-grade classes that consisted of grades 3-6. Teaching in rural Alaska taught me many things, but I believe the most important was how to teach multiple ability levels in the same classroom. My career also took me to Chattanooga, TN where I taught 3rd grade for 2 years and 5th grade for 1 year.


In my classroom, I use whole group, small group, and individualized instruction to help all students be successful! I use data to guide differentiated instruction and follow “Best Practices” for teaching students. I work hard at helping students discover to believe in themselves. They realize that a positive attitude and believing in themselves are extremely important. I believe in saying “I CAN, instead of I CANNOT.” Perseverance is a trait I truly believe in. I believe keeps trying believes in him or herself their academic and life success are much greater.

It is my goal to combine my range of experience with my ability to be a compassionate, enthusiastic, intelligent teacher who will make a positive contribution to the students at Battle Creek Elementary School. I am extremely happy to be a Battle Creek CUB!!!

I would also like to add that as a mother of 3 daughters, 3 sons-in-law and a grandmother of 7 my love to teach seems to come naturally. Last, I not only have my two-legged family members, but I also have my little 4-legged puppy-dog, Sophie! There’s nothing more important to me than my family and my students J!!!!